Kamis, 17 Oktober 2013

My Own Bucket List

visit Santorini, I did in May 2016, even though it's cloudy and rainy when I got there, but this island is still gorgeous and very romantic

backpacking to Brazil

visit Camp Nou and Barcelona, finally one of my dream came true in May 2016

stay in hostel, when I visited Manila in November 2013, I've decided to stay in hostel for 2 nights, and it's a new experience for me

take a photo infront of Santiago Barnebeu with Barca jersey, I did it in May 2016, yeesss!! with an offensive pose, I will tell the story later

get diving license, finally got it in September 2013, read here

skydiving in New Zealand, almost did it in March 2017, but it has been cancel because of bad weather :(

learn surfing

party in Ibiza

watch World Cup match

visit Machu Picchu

meet and dive with Mola-mola

take a photo with FC Barcelona player, well..not all the player, but one of them, read here

wear bikini, I did it first time in Boracay, Phillipines, November 2013 and I feel free and awesome :D

visit India and have a photo with saree in there, well in March 2014, I came to taj Mahal, wearing Indian traditional costume, but not saree

watching live Coldplay concert

diving in Rajaampat

seeing Himalaya, in March 2014, when I visited Nepal

cherry blossom experience in Japan

visit Hobbiton, in March 2017 I visited New Zealand, but it was a rush time, maybe I'll come back later with private tour, Ameenn..

do Harry Potter trip, Universal Studio and Warner Bros studio

visiting Sherlock's home in Baker Street 22B

umroh and Hajj

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